Tuesday, 6 May 2008

It doesn't surprise me at all

The BBC news website has a story concerning a new report which states that the liberalisation of the postal service in the UK has had "no significant benefits" which, quite frankly, does not surprise me one jot. fact i believe that the postal service has deteriorated significantly in the last few years. I am quite suspicious that my street has not been getting daily deliveries for some months now as mail seems to arrive in large batches every two or three days rather than the previous couple of letters every day and when it does arrive it normally between 1pm and 3pm. Many people I know have given up their jobs as posties because of the aggressive tactics of the management and many others are sorely demoralised. Successive Tory and Labour Governments have decimated the post office and sub-post office networks - the main PO in Irvine is now stuck at the back of a Spar shop. Labour certainly made things worse when they insisted that pensions etc would have to be paid into bank accounts and did away with the Post Office as the exclusive outlet for TV licensing.

Perhaps we should think again about our on policies on postal services and accept the Post Office and Royal Mail as National assets, not semi-private cash cows for milking.

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