Friday, 16 May 2008

More strange happening on George Square

Further to yesterday's pantomime horse racing, as organised by a friend of mine - see comments to yesterday's post, today sees the square hosting a visit from "Europe's largest sofa"! This appears to be the length of around 30-35 normal sofas and is accompanied by a troupe of cheerleaders and a van bearing the slogan "if nothing happens in this bed don't blame us", not to forget the posse of photographers and camera crews. Even odder is that people are not being allowed to rest their weary bones on the thing. Frankly I'm mystified.


Anonymous said...

I rested my weary bones on the sofa this aftenoon while I enjoyed a sausage roll from Greggs. Fantastic lunch break. I spoke to the guys from BoConcept - it is officially the world's longest sofa and will be back there tomorrow. As will I. With more Gregg's goodies.

Anonymous said...

Sofa was bizarre I agree but fun. I sat on it for about an hour and a half after the photographers left.It was on the STV news tonight that it was to raise money for Maggies cancer charity. The van that cleared it away was from Bo Concept that Danish furniture shop on Sauchiehall St. Tam Cowen had an article about it in The Record along the lines of imagine losing your remote control down the back of it.