Friday, 9 May 2008

Hillary may quit Presidential race

Terry McAuliffe, Chairman of Hillary Clinton's campaign, has said that Hillary may quit her quest to become Democrat Presidential nominee if she still trails Barack Obama in delegates at the beginning of June. he also said that both Hillary and Bill would then unite behind Barack and concentrate their fire on Republican nominee John McCain.

Meanwhile the Obama camp has been today boosted by the announcement by two more Superdelegates that they are going to be backing him. It seems that one of these new supporters has transferred allegiance from Hillary.

Obama currently has 1849 to Clinton's 1697. The winning candidate requires to hit the magic figure of 2025 which means it is mathematically impossible for either candidate to win from the 6 remaining primaries, which means that the votes of the 260, as yet, uncommitted Superdelegates will be crucial.

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