Tuesday, 8 January 2008

ScotRail's response

On the 19th of December I contacted First ScotRail to ask of them why a return from Irvine to Edinburgh was 75p more expensive than purchasing a return from Irvine to Glasgow then one from Glasgow to Edinburgh.

Their letter dated 20th December didn't actually arrive until the 4th of January and provided no great enlightenment:

"our Research and Pricing Manager is aware that there are anomalies in the system, such as these fare anomalies, which we have inherited. we are working to remove these, however this process takes time."

That's about the total substance of their response. They didn't admit that they were aware of this particular instance, didn't explain why the anomaly existed in the 1st place, and gave no hint as to when things would be changed. Ho hum, great customer service as usual - not.

P.S. Blogger's spellcheck facility offers Scrotal as an alternative to ScotRail!

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