Monday, 28 January 2008

Salmond piste off in new planning rumpus

It has emerged that Gnat FM Eck Salmond is embroiled in another planning stooshie. This one is to the tune of £30 000.

He is accused of meddling to rescue plans to expand the MacDonald Highland Resort in Aviemore. The Chief Executive of the company which owns the resort is Donald MacDonald who, last year, donated £30 000 to the gnats.

It seems that he spoke with Scotland's Chief Planner on the issue and also instructed Environment Minister Mike Russell to contact SEPA (Scottish Environmental Protection Agency) who had objections to the development which were holding up the planning process.
Within days of the Minister contacting them SEPA dropped their objections.

Scottish Ministers are barred from interfering in planning applications unless it is in their capacity as a Constituency MSP. Aviemore is not in the Constituency of either Salmond or Russell.

Truth will out, eventually.

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