Thursday, 10 January 2008

First Scotrail mess up yet again!

Really not feeling right with the world today and it's all because of other people.
yesterday I had a wasted day waiting in the house for a heating engineer who neither appeared nor had the common courtesy to contact me and let me know he wasn't going to arrive.

This morning I had to stand on a wet and windy railway platform waiting over an hour and ten minutes for a train to Glasgow. I can understand and appreciate that trains can break down and that points can fail and many other good reasons for trains to be cancelled or delayed. what I simply cannot understand is First Scotrail's utterly appalling customer service. In the time I waited at the station two trains were cancelled and the third was delayed, yet there was one single solitary announcement over the tannoy and although the delays were updated on the electronic screens we also got a message saying that there was a fault on the system and the information appearing was not correct. Bloody shambles! I wonder how useful the Citylink or Stagecoach bus services to Glasgow are?

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