Thursday, 24 January 2008

Getting sick of Ryanair's greed

An extra £ on the cost of putting a bag into the hold of the plane, which means that your measly 15kg baggage allowance will now cost you a ridiculous £12 for a return flight. If you check in at the airport rather than electronically an extra £6 will be added to the cost of your return journey. Charges for "priority boarding", expensive food and drink and the wheelchair charge even if there isn't a wheelchair user on board etc, etc. Then of course they sue the Government in the hope of winning more of the taxpayers dosh

It all adds up to make me feel that I will never use this bunch of graspers again, but sad reality says that I probably shall unless Catherine helps me insert some backbone.

I would suggest that other budget airlines are available from Scotland and will try to make use of their flights instead of Ryanair. They include Easyjet, Wizz, Globespan, Clickair & Centralwings.


Tristan said...

Perhaps, costs have risen? Or their business model needs adjustment to keep the business viable.

Or perhaps its an exercise in differentiating passengers.

I don't think it is greed however (because, as you suggest, people will move to other airlines if the cost is too high for them)

Iain Rubie Dale said...

They claim that costs have risen by 5% but last November they posted a 23% increase in profits in the 6 months to 30th September. A total for the 6 months of over £305 million.


There really is a very simple solution to this: stop using Ryanair. I haven't been on a Ryanair flight for years and I find I am happier and wealthier as a result.