Tuesday, 8 January 2008

It's a wee bit breezy

Having been at home for a good few hours it's been noticeable that the wind has been gathering pace to a strength which I can't remember since returning to Scotland in 1999.

I just missed the Scottish "great storm" of '98 when slates were rattled off roofs, kirk spires tumbled, trains failed to run (storms not required for this inaction), ferries were verboten, road bridges were closed, general infrastructure was bolloxed and, most importantly, some folk died.

Hopefully the forecasts of 80 - 90 mph winds will be inaccurate, although it feels that they are up to 60 - 70mph already and the main force of the storm hasn't got here yet.

Have a safe and cosy night, especially if you live in the West of Scotland.

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