Friday, 2 February 2007

Riga no more

Some months ago Ryanair launched a new route from Prestwick International to Riga. Well, I'm on a bit of a Eastern Europe discovery time at the moment (Poland twice last year and plans for Prague, Gdansk & St Petersburg this year) so I was a happy bunny indeed with this news, went and bought the Rough Guide to The Baltic States and started planning a pre-election weekend break.

All was fine and well until Ryanair decided they were going to sue the Government over extra security costs. Well that did it! The Lady who lives in Kinross-shire took one of her stands and issued her equivalent of a Papal Bull on them - no more flying Ryanair for us. Ergo no visit to Riga for me.

At least Wizz fly from Prestwick to Gdansk, but I've been told no holiday, except in respective wards where the "holiday" will consist of leafletting, canvassing and more leafletting, until after the council counts May 4th.


Unknown said...

I hope that's not a complaint. You will be getting lots of fresh air, after all:0) And you'll have a slap up weekend in Aviemore, too.

As you know, I side with TLWLIK in all things except her particular fascination for you:0)

Iain Rubie Dale said...

Slap up weekend in Aviemore my a**e! Working like a dog more like it, especially as I'm now going up on Wednesday to help with the set up then and Thursday.

I'm not the one who has nothing to do except Chair two debates and generally swan around drinking free booze etc.

MaybeD said...

Idiotic security measures costing the Government money? Perfectly fine by me.