Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Aviemore here I come!

It's the Scottish Lib Dem Spring Conference in Aviemore this weekend so I'm heading up to help with the set up tomorrow. You see our Conference Committee Convener, Helen, has been laid low with pneumonia. She is, thankfully, out of hospital and on the mend but her Medics and friends have warned her that she must take things easy at Conference - I threatened to tie her to a chair if she does too much. With the Committee's other Vice Convener unable to attend due to Council committments lucky old me gets to be the one running about like the proverbial fly with a blue backside.

There are good things about Conference too, like meeting friends from all over Scotland and socialising into the wee small hours, the chance to engage in heated debate, attending many interesting and varied fringe events (and not just for the free food and drink) and, of course, the Scotch Whisky Association Reception. Cheers!

However, there is someone who makes the Conference happen and who does the hard graft to make sure everything runs smoothly and that's our Conference & HQ manager Suzette.
We don't often thank our party staff for their hard work and tolererance so I would like very publicly to say: Suzette many, many thanks for all your hard work. We really do appreciate it!

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