Friday, 2 February 2007

It really gets on my (Prest)wick

Why on earth do the folk who own Prestwick Airport & certain budget airlines insist on calling the damn place "Glasgow Prestwick International"? The place is 50 minutes by rail from Glasgow and is in the middle of God's Own County (Ayrshire).

It's typical of some airlines to try and make the punter think that they are flying into the centre of their destination when they are actually landing a fair old distance away. Another fine example of this cobblers is calling Charleroi by the name of Brussels South. I've suffered that overpriced and monotonous coach journey into Brussels too many times for it to be fun.

Whilst I'm ranting about airports I must comment on that utterly stupid slogan they have at Prestwick: "Pure Dead Brilliant" - Glasgow patois. Well here's some more - Aye Right! Pure dead s***e more like. Another attempt to con the unsuspecting traveller that they're arriving into the middle of the metropolis.

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