Saturday, 3 January 2009

Going to take a lot of convincing

Can't say that I'm terribly impressed with the casting of 26 year old Matt Smith as the new Doctor Who. I know that he's going to have one hell of a job in filling David Tennant's shoes but am left somewhat deflated by a pretty unadventurous choice. Personally I would have preferred a female or black candidate. Think of the really imaginative plot line that could have seen Billie Piper becoming the new Who.

Aw well, it'll be a case of watch and decide.
Rumour has it that Vice Cable was in the running but was too busy as he's about to become Chancellor whilst Ming becomes Speaker of the Commons!

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Unknown said...

You have to hand it to the for keeping us in suspense and throwing out all sorts of red herrings at us.

Glad to see the blogsophere's own Victor Meldrew back:-)))