Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Virgin holidays attempt to extract the urine

We're off to Barbados in 5 and a bit weeks for a holiday and for Catherine's attendance at a Soroptimist conference and really looking forward to the whole event. Just a pity that when Virgin on the ridiculous holidays send us our flight schedule the have ever so conveniently given us an 8 hour 25 minute fun, fun, fun stop-over at that delightful Gatwick.

On the phone the other day to Virgin where the laddie on the other end of the phone says nothing can be done about it - take it or leave it. Now I know I have an attitude problem when it comes to phone monkeys (having been one myself I consider the term a badge of honour) taking the piss, so "supervisor please" is uttered only to be told that said supervisor is otherwise engaged. OK says I can I pretty please have a call-back within the hour? Sure says the PM, not a problem at all. Two hours and a half hours later and now in a REAL mood I phone Virgin on the ridiculous again. Go through the 96 available pre-recorded options and finally get connected to someone who transfers me to a supervisor. Forty minute conversation later he (nice bloke called Jaten) agrees that he'll cancel the Gatwick to Edinburgh return leg of our journey and refund the costs and we can book ourselves on EasyJet who have a flight departing just over two and a half hours after our arrival in the UK. sorted.

Well,not really as the explanation I was given for the 8h 25m delay was that BA insist on a 2 hour window between your arrival on one flight and departure on another (our flight arrives at 06.30 hours and there is a connection at 08.20 which is a mere 10 minutes short of the required 2 hours). I have since been told that BA do not have a two hour rule so must investigate further.......

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Stephen Glenn said...

It may be infrequent postings but when you let go you don't spare the horses.

After checking I can assure you that my employers are not responsible for the Virgin call centre and it's operations. I didn't think we were when I read the story mind.