Friday, 19 September 2008

Simon Wilson Homes and Carnbo resident's misery

The above video from BBC Scotland's Landward programme illustrates what the resident's of Carnbo village have been going through for over 3 years.

A few questions for Simon Wilson:

1. Why have you built a wall, without planning permission, on someone else's property?

2. Why have you destroyed the mill lade and caused another property to have a burn running through it where no burn existed before?

3. Why does the NHBC logo appear on your website when your company is not registered with the NHBC?

4. Why does your website advertise 6 house available for sale at Pitcairnie when you have only built 4 and only applied for planning permission for four?

5. Why do your selling agents claim that the houses in the Pitcairnie Steading development have a "large private garden" when they have gardens the size of pocket handkerchiefs?

6. Why are parts of your development 1.91 metres higher than on your planning application?

7. why are the retaining walls not build to British Standard?

let me assure you Wilson, we, the residents of Carnbo, are not going to lie down and roll-over. We are going to fight your aggressive, bullying, arrogance all the way, using every legal tactic available to us.

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