Sunday, 14 September 2008

Hello from Bournemouth

Day two of Federal Conference down here in VERY sunny Bournemouth. Needn't have bothered to have brought the laptop as neither the conference centre or hotel have WiFi available, so a quick post from the free internet cafe in the conference centre then off to a training session on taking better photos.

Yesterday was a comparatively free day to ease ourselves into the hurly burly. The highlight was the Lib Dem Bloggers awards up at Harry's Bar in the conference hotel. It was sponsored by ALDC and the LGA (plug provided as requested) and although I wasn't nominated it was a good fun event and I actually got a large cheer when I identified myself to the throng as the "real" Iain Dale as opposed to the Tory version who was also there. Alex Mortimer and her 'Peoples Republic of Mortimer' won three of the six awards, Baroness Ros Scott (who I support for Party President) won one, Peter Black AM the 5th and apologies to the 6th winner 'cos I've forgotten who it was - too much free wine perchance?

Anti pachyderm bias raised it's ugly head again as Millennium Elephant didn't win anything for the 3rd consecutive year.

Anyhow that's all that I've time for just now but if you're really unlucky you'll be hearing from me again sometime soon. If truth were to be told I'm very tempted to buy some suntan lotion and a pair of shorts and skive off to sit on the beach in glorious sunshine.

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Bernard Salmon said...

The other award was for best non Lib Dem blog, which was won by Bad Science.