Thursday, 2 October 2008

Gnats defeated on draconian alcohol age restrictions

News has just come in that the Gnats have been defeated in the Scottish Parliament on their draconian plans to increase age at which alcohol can be bought in Scotland from 18 to 21 years.

It would seem that a combination of the votes of Lib Dem, Labour, Tory & Green MSPs saw off the Gnats and their daft legislation. Legislation which would have meant that a serving member of the Royal Regiment of Scotland could be killed in battle but be unable to buy a can of beer in an off-license. Legislation which would have meant that a newly married teen or early twenties couple could not have bought a bottle of champagne to celebrate their nuptials. Legislation which would have meant that people would have the vote for 3 years before they could drown their sorrows if the Gnats won!

Of course I accept that Scotland as a nation has a drink problem, however, I believe that the way to address this begins with the effective enforcement of existing legislation, especially when it comes to corner shops flogging bucky (Buckfast) by the bucket-load to teens or those acting on their behalf. We also need to seriously look at how alcopop style drinks are marketed at an increasingly younger market and generally have a serious look at the entire nation's relationship with alcohol.

Scotland's alcohol problem requires a "National Dialogue" not knee-jerk legislation.


Sheila said...

While as a recovering Alcoholic now 17+mos, I certainly understand, as when I was a drinker, I would have not liked the age limit increased here in Canada. However, at 52 I've certainly learned many derogatory things, besides the fact that 30 yrs casually drinking, cost my health badly & the loss of my dear husband. There's been nothing as far as I know, about increasing our age limit here, but having said that, I also don't feel it would do any good either!
At this time, and with an election coming 10/14, there are many of us desperately trying to convince our Government Officials, of a desperate need, to have Health Warning Labels on ALL containers.
Similar to what's been done with Cigarette's. While it appears at this time, no one in Parliament is interested in this, I can only assume that they're either all drinkers & non-smokers !?!
If you would like my letter covering my particular illness, just let me know & I'll forward to you. Otherwise, good luck in the future.
Alcohol IS literally the most loved SCOURGE of society.

Unknown said...

I would have been able to celebrate my nuptials, but my engagement would have had to be with irn bru:-)

Anonymous said...

The government should make a decision as early as possible regarding this matter. It's because the future of the younger generations depend on it.