Sunday, 16 December 2007

Tommy the Trot "helping police with their enquiries"

Former MSP & former Leader of the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP), Tommy Sheridan, has been arrested by 3 detectives from Lothian & Borders Police at 13.10hrs this afternoon.

It seems his arrest is to answer questions which allege perjury during last year's victory in his defamation case against the News of the World. Much to the surprise of many Scots, Sheridan was cleared by a jury at the end of the 4 week trial. The News of the World described his win as "perverse" and threatened to appeal.

During the trial 4 of the SSP's 6 MSP's testified against Sheridan and one colleague backed him.
The other upshot of the trial was that the SSP split wide open, with Sheridan setting up another Trot party titled "Solidarity" (sic). At the subsequent Scottish Parliament Elections in May 2007 all 6 lost their seats, including Irvine based Rosemary Byrne (someone whose views I strongly disagree with, but greatly respect the hard work she put in for her constituents).

That's about all that is known for now but I suspect that there will be further developments in the next few days.

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