Wednesday, 19 December 2007

A question to First ScotRail

As someone who regularly travels from Irvine to Edinburgh, usually with a stopoff in my Glasgow Office, I was rather perturbed to find out that it is cheaper to purchase a return from Irvine to glasgow and a return from Glasgow to Edinburgh than it is to buy a return from Irvine to Edinburgh. Cheaper by 75p in fact.

I have posed this question verbally to First Scotrail's "Customer Liaison Team" and got no satisfactory answer whatsoever. They have now booted my query upstairs and I await an answer. In the meantime I suggest that if this anomaly exisits on one journey it is likely to exist on others. I also must ask why they are ripping customers off in this manner?

Watch this space!

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Edis said...

There is a lot of it about! see this article in Money Guardian of June 2006

And this from the BBC 13 March 2007