Thursday, 28 August 2008

Bit of an ego boost

Lets make it quite clear, I do not blog for positions on tables or for awards or nominations thereto, I blog because I enjoy it, it gets things off my chest and because I'm vain enough to think that my views and opinions are worth sharing.

However I must admit to being a bit chuffed to discover that this blog has been listed on the other Iain Dale's list of Top 50 Lib Dem blogs at number 32 and also on his list of Top 40 Scottish blogs at number 26. This despite the fact that I've barely been blogging for the past few months.

Only two fellow Scottish Lib Dem bloggers beat me in both the Scottish and Lib Dem ranks - Stephen Glenn who blogs in West Lothian and Councillor Fraser McPherson from Dundee. Well done both.

1 comment:

Steph Ashley said...

I wouldn't be too surprised Iain - you've been hovering in the 90s on the Wikio top 100 politics blogs (generally a better indicator of quality) for the last couple of months!