Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Gnats latest wheeze - get killed in battle at 18 but can't buy a tin of beer until 21

Oh aye, that'll be their famous joined up thinking at it's best then. What a fucking stupid idea from a fucking stupid party.

This proposal is the sort of shite that we would expect from the weirder outposts of UKIP and illiberal mobs of that ilk. If they stopped for a moment to think about the issue they would drop this lunacy and possibly, if they had the brainpower to work it out, start effectively enforcing the laws which currently exist.

Ditch this cobblers now.


Bernard Salmon said...

Don't hold back - tell us what you really think!
Welcome back

Stephen Glenn said...

And Iain you really shouldn't blog while watcvhing Gordon Ramsey on tele. It permeates into your writing. ;)

Jeff said...

You've won me round to your way of thinking with your eloquent ways you silver-tongued devil you.

Actually, on second reading, your posting had precious little detail in it whatsoever so I take that back.

I can recommend Listerine if you ever plan on washing your mouth out....

Unknown said...

Sorry, Iain, but although you're right, I have to pull you up on your grammar. It's its not it's. If it has an apostrophe, it means that it is short for it is, not belong to it.

I have linked to this posting tonight, though, because I was shocked by how timidly you expressed your argument:-)