Friday, 15 June 2007

I was 16 before discovering that F***ing Tories were two separate words

The 25th "anniversary" of the Falklands war brought back home to me why I loathe, hate and despise the Tories and that auld witch Thatcher in particular. You see, it reminded me of what life was like under them in the early 1980's.

Hearing her voice, almost from beyond the grave, as she gloried in her decision to send hundreds of British service personnel to their needless deaths or wounds in the Falklands sent shudders up my spine and made me recall what life was like under her Premiership.

In 1980 I moved from Irvine to study at Teesside Polytechnic in Middlesborough. At first I behaved as any 19 year old would being away from home and off the leash for the first time. However, after a few months my eyes started to open and I realised what the "Thatcher Revolution" was doing to the area and the other areas of Britain which hadn't supported the Tories in the '79 general Election. If you worked in heavy industry, then tough, your jobs were going. If you lived in poor housing, then tough, the market should sort it out. if you believed in society and helping those around you, then tough as the Government didn't. If you were sick, old or unemployed, then tough because the Government would give you a pittance to survive on. If you believed in peace and nuclear disarmament, then tough, because they were going to spend billions on nuclear weapons and yet pay squaddies a pittance. If you were against us, then tough, as you were the "enemy within" and would be treated as such.

Thatcher and her cronies are the reason why we now have an avaricious, selfish, society in which too many people are only concerned about me, me, me and don't give a damn about their fellow citizens, their communities or our society.

Andrew Marr said on TV the other night that "we are all Thatcher's children". That may well be true but I am proud to be one of the rebellious ones.


dizzy said...

One presumes from this that you do not believe in defending British sovereignty then?

Iain Rubie Dale said...

How do you personally define "British sovereignty"?

I also note that you make no comment about life under Thatcher during the early 1980's. Did you live through, in adulthood, through those times

Anonymous said...

I was Just a Child.

But I remember my dad being unemployed and still voting for the Tories, Why? because he realised that the Unions were suffocating industry. Take my stepdads firm, he was junior management in a well known manufacturing firm in Oldham. Unions demanded that each shop floor had its own cleaner. All they had to do was sweep every 15 minutes and the rest of the time they were in the canteen. Could the company get rid of them to just have one sweeper, sweeping the one floor, then the next then the third and so on. No it had to make do with cleaners on each separate floor. Each cleaner Idle for 75% of the day. So when the company was struggling, how did the unions react? when the company tried to apply common logic and say this restrictive act (and many more like it) is stopping us making money and thus actually expanding and employing more people in a more skilled trade then a sweeper (not that there is anything wrong with a floor sweeper). Strange how the left never mention that argument or Red Robbos attempt to destroy the automotive industry. In fact so annoyed were his fellow workers, they refused to strike in support of him when he was eventually sacked. The left have a lot to answer for destruction of manufacturing.

You also mention the Falklands. I presume you didn’t join the Military. I signed on the dotted line and was under no illusion that I could get sent to die, in fact everyone who signs knows that. Are you saying to 2,000 British citizens that you don’t care that they wanted to remain British and didn’t want to be under the thumb of a brutal vicious dictator, so how many British citizens would you allow to have there freedom taken away form obviously 2,000. Where do you stop? 3,000 5,000 maybe 10,000 perhaps a 1,000,000.

The military defend the right for you to speak but please don’t hide behind them pleading pious righteousness to make your own point against the Tories. At least Maggie gave them the equipment to work