Sunday, 15 April 2007

Farewell Millie & Welcome Milly

My Aunt Millie died a few weeks ago. She was part of my life for 45 years and part of my family for many years longer. Millie was my Godmother, although as a practicing atheist I never called on her to perform any Godmotherly duties - just loved her as a good and decent person who was always there in the background of my life, as I did her husband, my Uncle Bill who died a few years before her. I miss you both and remember you with love.

Just a week after we celebrated Aunt Millie's life Catherine's best girlfriend Sam and her gnome-loving husband Oz became the parents of a wee girl called Milly. My love and best wishes goes to all three of them and I wish the little one a happy and healthy life. So, welcome to the world MILLY KATE OSMOND who weighed in at 6lb 4oz.

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